Welcome to SlatePermutate, Spartan! To get started, enter a course number and add some sections to it. Then specify each section's letter/number and what times it meets, add more courses, and click “Find a Schedule”.

Class ID Section Prof Start Time End Time Su M Tu W Th F Sa

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  1. Get in touch with your advisor during advising/reading recess.
  2. Look up each class your advisor specified on the course listing pages.
  3. Enter each class into a SlatePermutate schedule and add each section that is listed that you are willing to take.
  4. Submit your schedule and view all of the different permutations of your schedule which would work with the sections you specified.
  5. Print out your preferred schedule by choosing "print" after selecting a schedule.
  6. Wait until it's your turn to register and grab your preferred sections before they fill up!