This website was created by Calvin College (now known as Calvin University) and Cedarville University students. They are now all alumni, but still have connections to college students and gladly maintain SlatePermutate.


Please contact the developers/maintainers using the Feedback for general questions and to report problems. If you are interested in development, please visit the project page on GitHub.


SlatePermutate is written in PHP, with a valid XHTML frontend. It is currently deployed using CGI-style FastCGI (thus the PHP interpreter is launched via a shebang and mod_fcgid instead of mod_php—that is why you see .cgi instead of .php in the URIs these days). However, there is interest in moving to something like JavaScript or Haxe (mostly for the static typing) and enabling more of the functionality to be implemented in the client. Feel free to dig into the source yourself at GitHub!