Welcome to SlatePermutate, Cedarville Student! To get started, enter in a course identifier (e.g., ENG-1400) and click the autosuggestion to automatically load available sections for each class. (Please note that autosuggestion data may occasionally fall out of sync with your registrar’s records).

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SlatePermutate can be a useful tool for scheduling your next semester at Cedarville University.

  1. Enter the course ID, such as PHYS-1020, in the Class ID blank. You will see a list of auto-suggestions.
  2. You must click on the auto-suggested item to automatically add all sections of the class.
  3. Submit your schedule and view all of the different permutations of your schedule.
  4. Schedule a meeting with your advisor to review your schedule.
  5. When it's time to register, check the "Show Synonyms" box on your schedule and enter your course synonyms into the registration interface.