Welcome to SlatePermutate! To get started, enter a course number and add some sections to it. Then specify each section's letter/number and what times it meets, add more courses, and click “Find a Schedule”.

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Generic Instructions

slate_permutate can be a useful tool for scheduling your next semester at the college you attend.

  1. Get in touch with your advisor and find out what courses you need to take next semester.
  2. Look up each course which your advisor specified in your college's course catalog. Note the different sections for each course..
  3. Enter each course into a slate_permutate schedule. For each course, add the sections listed in your school's course catalogue (at your discretion).
  4. Submit your list of courses and their sections. Let slate_permutate perform its magic.
  5. View all of the different permutations of your schedule and find a few that work for you.
  6. Print out your preferred schedule by selecting a schedule an choosing your User-Agent's print option.
  7. Wait until it's your turn to register and grab your preferred sections before they fill up!