Calvin users: Slate Permutate pulls its data from the Calvin WebAdvisor instance and can be no more accurate than that. Courses which appear in autocomplete but which have no sections are likely “TBA”.

Welcome to SlatePermutate, Knight! To get started, enter in a course identifier (e.g., ACCT-521) and click the autosuggestion to automatically load available sections for each class. (Please note that autosuggestion data may occasionally fall out of sync with your registrar’s records).

Class ID Section Prof Start Time End Time Su M Tu W Th F Sa

Credit Hours: 0


Using Auto-Complete

  1. Click/tap on a the Class ID box in an empty row.
  2. Type the subject and course number (e.g. MATH 101, CS 104) in the Class ID box.
  3. Press enter to choose the first option or select one of the options to load data for that course.
  4. To reload the data, first remove the cource using the “Remove” button and then re-enter the subject and course number. Auto-Complete will not overwrite a populated entry.


  1. Schedule an appointment with your advisor during Advising Break.
  2. Your advisor will help you select courses to advance your education and mark you as “advised” in Calvin’s registration system.
  3. Use Slate Permutate (this website) to check out different schedules and sections for the courses you plan to take.
  4. Look up your Registration Time.
  5. Prior to your registration time, you may pre-search for your desired sections in Calvin’s registration system. The system may let you create and modify a saved list of sections.
  6. After your registration time, you may submit your registration (link only works on desktop).